Wedding of Asheley & Jimmy: The Executive Court-Manchester NH

I first met Ashley and Jimmy back in June at Lynch Park in Beverly Mass for their engagement session. I could tell right away that the two of them were crazy about one another! The wedding took place at The Executive Court Banquet Facility in Manchester NH. The ceremony took place under a Gazebo surrounded by family and friends. These two must have had someone looking over them that day, because it wasn’t two minuets after we finished the formals, the rain came! The night was perfect with lots of emotion!

Congrats Jimmy & Ashley!



Wedding of Shawn & Matt: The Museum of Science- Boston MA

Shawn & Matt

All I can say…..  It was such an honor to be apart of this couple’s wedding day! What an amazing experience! These two were so obviously perfect for each other from the first time I met them at their engagement session. They bring balance to each of their individual lives to make their lives as a couple fully complete. They know and love the others quirks, even though it may drive them crazy at times…….This is one thing that I feel really shows that you love a person inside and out!

Their special day began at the stunning Liberty Hotel in Boston MA. Of course we had the perfect photo ops there and then went over to the Boston Public Gardens. Little did we know that the Hemp festival was going on and it was packed! We were still able to find some great spots where it felt like they were to only two there.

On to the Wedding Venue…..The Museum of Science in Boston Massachusetts. This place was nothing short of amazing! The ceremony took place under the pavilion with views of Boston and Cambridge in the background. The reception was under the tent along the water where they had an amazing live band; Business Time. Dancing went into the night and evening was perfect.

Congrats Shawn & Matt!


Wedding of Christine & Harley- Peabody MA

Christine and Harley met with me back in March of this year for their engagement session.  We immediately hit it off which was why I was looking forward to this wedding so much! They got ready at the Holiday Inn in Peabody and had their first look in the garden. There was just a small sprinkle of rain which we all know is a blessing……or at least thats what people told me when I rained on my wedding day :). After that, nerves were settled and the jitters were out! We headed to Longhill Reservation in Beverly MA for formals. It was beautiful!

When we finished up we headed off to the ceremony and then to Stone Wood Tavern in Peabody MA for the reception. I had never shot at this venue before, but I have to say it is a hidden gem for sure! The restaurant is on left and the reception hall that fits 200 people is on the right. The dim lighting made for a very romantic venue and a great challenge for me! I can not remember the last time I cried at a wedding….but on this wedding day, when the bride and groom had their first dance, it was to the same song the brides grandparents had chosen for their wedding day years ago. They brought them onto the dance floor and these two generations shared so much in during this small period of time. I couldn’t help but tear up!

Thank you again Christine & Harley for having me be apart of your big day!2016-09-11_00022016-09-11_00032016-09-11_00042016-09-11_00052016-09-11_00062016-09-11_00072016-09-11_00082016-09-11_00092016-09-11_00102016-09-11_00112016-09-11_00182016-09-11_00122016-09-11_00152016-09-11_00162016-09-11_00132016-09-11_00172016-09-11_00142016-09-11_0019

Photo Credit: Lori Rider


Photo Credit: Lori Rider


Jessica & Robert: Wedding on The Seaport Elite II Yacht- Boston Mass

Jessica and Robert somehow found each other on the other side of the United States, fell in love, got married and came back to Jessica’s hometown of Boston Massachusetts to celebrate with family and friends. They got ready at the Seaport Hotel, where they had their first look out in the garden and then went over to the World Trade Center to take a few formals. They had a beautiful fall like day and the perfect sunset for their vow renewal ceremony. It was such a pleasure working with these two and having the chance to work with the wonderful staff of the Seaport Elite II again.

Congrats Jessica & Robert! I wish you many years of happiness!!!2016-09-06_00012016-09-06_00022016-09-06_00032016-09-06_00042016-09-06_00082016-09-06_00052016-09-06_00092016-09-06_00062016-09-06_00072016-09-06_00102016-09-06_00112016-09-06_00122016-09-06_00132016-09-06_00142016-09-06_00192016-09-06_00152016-09-06_00162016-09-06_00172016-09-06_00182016-09-06_00202016-09-06_00212016-09-06_00222016-09-06_00232016-09-06_00242016-09-06_00252016-09-06_00262016-09-06_00272016-09-06_00282016-09-06_00292016-09-06_00302016-09-06_00352016-09-06_00312016-09-06_00332016-09-06_00322016-09-06_00342016-09-06_00402016-09-06_00412016-09-06_00362016-09-06_00372016-09-06_00382016-09-06_00422016-09-06_00432016-09-06_0044

Dan & Yosra: Boston Massachusetts Wedding- Seaport Elite II Yacht

These two had such a wonderful wedding day in Boston Massachusetts. They got ready at the Westin Waterfront and then proceeded to the ceremony that took place in The Rose Garden at Christopher Columbus Park. It was beautiful! We took a few photographs in the park and then went to the reception which was on the Seaport Elite II Yacht. The view was amazing, the food was great and the newlyweds had an amazing time!

Congrats Dan & Yosra!